6 things you should NEVER do with your Android Smartphone

Last Updated on 11th of February 2019

Android is ruling on 85% of smartphones and running on over 2 billion active devices of Android.

Android is an open source mobile Operating System which provides us with many remarkable features and the security of one the biggest and secure company Google. Today’s mobile generation loves Android and this will also rule in the future because there is not any competitor which can compete Android.

Many of us use Android and we have a propensity to perform some unwanted activities with our Android phones, which can harm very much your Smartphone in the future because maybe those activities are making pressure to your processor, RAM and most importantly your Operating System which helps your smartphone to run apps and games smoothly and with stagehands.

As I told earlier some major importance of our Operating System but you should know that Android is the most powerful and smartest OS nowadays which have abilities to computerization reducement of background processes, which helps to maintain your battery life but many of us ignore the ability of Android and perform some unwanted activities.

Today, I am going to tell you 6 things you should never do with your Android Smartphones. These are the most common and serious activities and many of us do these types of unwanted activities which needs to stop.

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1-Installing apps from Unknown sources

The most popular and substandard activity that is installing apps from unknown sources means from other websites which gives you an APK file and tell you to enable unknown source in the settings.

Android recommends that you should always install apps from the Play Store because those apps are legal and not consists of malware or virus. If you don’t find any application on Play Store that means the app includes the virus, malware or any undesirable things which are harmful to your Brain or your Smart Phone.

If you install apps from Unknown Websites, it may include some virus or malware which can harm your Smartphone and maybe your smartphone can be hacked or your data can steal by the hackers.

Hackers can mail anybody from your smartphone and can do anything. They can also call anybody from your Smartphone and can steal your credit or debit cards details or your important and precious files.

There are many disadvantages of installing apps from Unknown Websites and I can write an article on it but the major disadvantages are given and now from today don’t install any APK files on your smartphones.

If you enable the setting to access APK files means installed app from an unknown source then, your OS also can’t do anything.

To protect your privacy you shouldn’t install APK files.

2-Don’t install WhatsApp or Facebook Apps

Almost every smartphone user use Whatsapp and Facebook and access it regularly. When we see any app on WhatsApp and Facebook many times then we install that one immediately without perceiving disadvantage of the Apps. If you check out that App on Play Store you don’t get there because of Play Store knowns that this app is waste and can harm our users’ phones.

You should know that Facebook and Whatsapp don’t check the Apps’ status. When we install any apps from WhatsApp or Facebook it starts many undesirable activities like Showing Ads periodically, stealing data of your, stealing bank details, stealing valuable files, etc.

You shouldn’t install apps from WhatsApp or Facebook because sometimes it also affects your battery.

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3- Habit of don’t reboot the phone

Our Smartphone is a machine and it also wants rest to perform long and smooth. But we ignore that one and we never reboot our phone but you should know that for a good life of phone you must have to restart your Smartphone twice a week. This small habit can increase up to 90% of your smartphone’s life.

When we restart our phone our phone perform a process which kills many unwanted micro viruses and caches.

Restarting the phone also can increase your smartphones‘ battery life and performance.

You should treat your smartphone like your body and give it rest occasionally fora long bond between you and your smartphone.

Many experts and mobile companies like Samsung recommend restarting the phone before charging.

Restarting or rebooting also can prevent redirecting issues and can kill micro threads,

4- Don’t Use Public WiFi

Using WiFi is the most common thing and sometimes we also use public WiFi and think that it not harmful.

We use Public Wifi without thinking but you should know that this is also harmful. Your smartphone is connected with an unsecured connection and they are accessing your smartphone without your permission.

Your data is stealing by them and more details of yours are also, your privacy is stealing. They are also stealing your cookies, contacts, files and much more without your permission.

If you are accessing an unsecured and unknown Public Wifi then maybe you are covered with the groups of hackers and you are the prey. They can also transfer virus and malware but your OS will warn you.

I am not blaming every Public Wifi connection because some of them are secure like big restaurants like Swagbucks and KFC.

In short, avoid using Public Wifi to protect your privacy.

5- Using Antivirus in Android

It is a myth that you should use Antivirus in your Android Smartphone because Android gives the best protection. Android is the product of Google which is one of the most one of the safest company right now.

We can also say that Android has inbuilt antivirus if you don’t use antivirus. Nothing to worry about and people who are using antivirus they are fools.

Antivirus in the Computer is necessary but not in an Android Smartphone.

Many people install Antivirus by watching the numbers of downloads.

6- Using Cache cleaner

If you are thinking, “What is Cache Cleaner?” then it is an app which gives you notifications like 69% RAM or 2 GB junk files basically they say that they clean all caches from your Smartphones. There is a famous cache cleaner named Cle*n Master, I can’t tell you the full name because of copyright issues.

When you tap on clean, then a rocket starts and travel in the sky.  These are one of the worst apps which are unwanted.

Caches are not harmful to your device.

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