Howdy buddies,

This is our About Us page which is the most common page across the Internet.This shows transparency between us and through this page, I will tell you the details you should know about Us.

The website’s name is the brite knight, but in the URL you have to write

Here, we used a hyphen to show that brite & knight are separated as we do in our daily life using space.

This doesn’t mean we are spammy or anything like it.

This is a blog website of a company which is not preferring to reveal their name.

The company will soonly reveal their name.

But, you are not here to know about the Parent Company, you are here to know about this blog.

What does Brite Knight mean?

The biggest question I get from many people that what does Brite Knight mean and why there is a hyphen between the domain name?

Yes, this is a strategy and this is not a mistake, let me tell you why.

The Brite Knight is the combination of many words i.e. Bright+technology+knowledge+bigger+insight

Via this name we wanted to tell our viewers  that we’ll give you bright technical knowledge with big insight. There is a hyphen between the domain name which tells that these both words are connected and create a meaning.

That’s it.

What topics this blog cover

The most important thing every people wanted to know is about the blog’s niche.

The niches of this blog( are Technology, Science & Education.

If you are thinking this is not fare, one blog should 1 or 2 niches. Then, let me explain the main niche of the blog.

Basically, the blog is related to Technology but sometimes we’ll discuss the Science behind Technology and if the Science is here then we can also say that this is an Education blog also.

Because of this all about Education and the enthusiastic manner of human nature and via this blog, we’ll quench your thirst of knowing something in a better and modern way.

The website also writes about mysterious things which are related to Tech or Science.

Let’s discuss in detail


As I already told earlier that this website is a technology-based website means this website will cover technology queries and stuff.

We don’t need to address you about Technology because if you are a daily user of the Internet then maybe you know the definition of technology.

Technology niche means the queries or topics are related to modern Science, gadgets and the Internet.

Maybe, it’ll be confusing but let me tell you the sub niches of Technology which will help you to know better about Technology.

1) Internet & technology Terms

Internet & technology terms will also cover by us in the future.

This means the terms related to the Internet & technology like Browser, SEO, Digital Marketing, Hacking, Processor, etc.

In the example, I told some terms which can be covered in the future in depth.

Some people don’t know the real meaning of the terms and via this blog, our team will try to present the meaning of the terms in simple language.

2) Gadgets

Gadgets are one of the main components of modern Technology.

This is on the trend and everybody wanted to learn about gadgets.

So, after a long discussion, we decided to also write about Gadgets.

We’ll write about the latest Smartphone, Laptops, gadgets, Speakers, Smart Watches, etc.

In these types of posts, you’ll know its’ specs, launch date, price, and our teams’ opinion.

3) OS tips and tricks

Operating System is pretty important in the devices.

We’ll also tell you about the Operating System’s tips and tricks to get a perfect device.

4) Facts

Facts are awesome and entertaining.

We’ll also write about Technology Facts and big companies like Apple, Google, etc.

Owner & Founder of this Website

Now, its time to tell you about the owner and the founder of this Website.

The founder & the owner of this website is Mr. Piyush Kumar Singh who is from a small town Gopalganj which is in Bihar(India).

He is a tech junkie whose interest is in exploring the World.

He is the Owner also of his sub-brand Brite Knight.

As a manager and CEO, he plays a good role.

His inspiration is Steve Jobs and he always wanted to be like him.

The vision of the Blog

Every brand has its vision and the vision also express the quality of the brand.

According to a survey, vision plays an important role in the brand’s success.

The vision of this blog is to tell the solution of queries in a perfect way.

The parent brand is a remarkable brand which is one of the growing brands and in the future, it will build many milestones.

The vision of the writers and the whole community of this blog is clear which is provide perfect tech articles in such a way that everyone can understand.

Most of the blogs follow 20-80 rule in which blog’s men work on 80% time to promote the blog and only 20% of the time to create content.

Our blog is different and we follow 80-20 rule, we give 20% time to promote the blog and 80% time to create high-quality content.

Our team gives many times for finding topics and doing research and related kinds of stuff, which help us to provide you to high quality and accurate content.




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