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The real story behind the death of Apple’s AirPower mat


Now, a piece of very shocking news is coming from the shrine of Apple that they are officially cancelling the commitment on Apple’s AirPower means the project is now accomplished and we’ll not see the AirPower for few years.

So, this post I will tell you the full story behind the death of Apple’s AirPower Mat and this is going be very amazing to read and stay focused on each word.

So, let’s go in-depth and open the mystery behind the death of Apple’s best project on charging i.e. Apple AirPower.

What was Apple’s AirPower?


Before acquiring more details about Apple’s AirPower, you should know what is exactly the AirPower and why it is so popular.

Back in 2017, on the launch event of iPhone X and iPhone 8 and much more products, they have committed to launch a wireless charging mat in 2018: where you can easily charge your Air Pods, iPhone and Apple Watch at once without any caution of alignment between the coils.

We’ll learn more about the coils in the later part of the Article.

AirPower’s framework

This AirPower work on the concept of QI charging in which the power will transmit wirelessly and receive wirelessly as well by some complicated calculations on it. This work on the concept of Coils.

Coils will be the highlight of this article, so it is necessary to know more about the Coil.

It is a spiral structured component which transmits power and receives it, you can get one of the coils in the charger and another one in the Smartphone and when you put the smartphone on the charger in even alignment of the coil, they start exchanging the power and soon they start charging.

It is the simple concept of wireless charging and doesn’t need more RAM of our mind.

I like the wireless charging features but I am not satisfied with it because you can’t charge your smartphone quickly. In fact, you’ll get a wire in the charger still it is said a wireless charger. LOL!  🤣🤣✌✌

AirPower was supposed to launch in 2018 as the CEO of Apple said but this didn’t happen, 2018 came and went nothing happened. Nobody from Apple’s camp mentioned the AirPower in his articles or speech.

But, a man from Apple’s camp came and said that Apple is officially cancelled the work on AirPower.

I thought that it is just a joke but after watching the comments of many big techies, I believed that the News was real. I researched a little bit and represented it in my this post.

But, the shocking point is that you can get the photo of the AirPower in many new gadgets of Apple whether it is new iPhones or iPods.

Why AirPower was different from the other mats?

As we can see many other similar mats available in the market where we can charge multiple devices. A question arises, “Why Apple’s AirPower is special?”

Yes, it is a valid question.

We need to align coils of your device and the charger perfectly to get charging. But, Apple’s AirPower was different. They committed that you can just put the device anywhere on the mat it will start receiving power. The concept was pretty awesome and sound very good but the reality is another.

Bonus thing is that you can also view the charging percentage of the device on your device. Wow!

AirPower was very different from different charging mats. Apple was very confident but when they started the project, it was making many issues and lastly, after many delays, they cancelled the project.

Why AirPower Cancelled?


The main section of this article. Everybody is here to know this matter, “why it cancelled?” because this was very popular and can make very money for Apple. But, there was not a single issue here.

As I told you the basic concept of the coil and what role it plays in the wireless charger. The coil was the main problem in the death of the AirPower. Let me clarify.

AirPower was not similar to other charging mats because you can charge your device by putting it anywhere on the mat, not like other mats.

Other wireless chargers contain up to maximum 3 coils but Apple’s AirPower contains 20 to 30 small coils to charge anywhere on its body. But, it leads to thermal issues means it makes a lot of heat which was not good for the charger and the device. The heat can also damage our skin and can be subject to fire accidents in our house.

This was the main problem on this project and this can’t be tackled by nowadays technology but it can be done in future.

But, Apple shouldn’t give us false relief.

I don’t think that Tim Cook can handle this now but if Steve Jobs is here then it was may be possible.

Can we watch AirPower in future?

As I mentioned earlier that this is not possible by our modern technology but it can be possible in 2020 or 2021 by my hypothesis. If engineers can find out any material which doesn’t conduct more heat but transmit the power or any device to cool the charger.

Samsung and Xiaomi are also in the race to build these types of wireless chargers and finding out new things about the device.

Definitely, it is possible and will not take much time to come.

Researches are going on and making it more perfect. If you are an engineer then you can also free your mind and can find out the best solution and can sell it to the big companies or can open your own company.

So, we can wait for some times.

Alternatives to Air Power

There is no charger like AirPower supposed because of thermal issues. So, it is impossible to find any charger like it but you can get charger mats with more accuracy and fast charging support. I have not the time to do research and find out the device list.

But you can go on this site to get the best alternatives to Apple’s AirPower.

This is a very good list with many outstanding charging mats which is fast, accurate and cool. This costs a little bit as compared to the normal wired charger but you can buy it if wanted a cool charger.


This is my final words in the death of Apple’s AirPower.

  • AirPower was a supposed wireless charger mat of Apple which can charge an iPhone, iPods and Apple Watch at once by putting them on anywhere on the mat.
  • It was awesome because you don’t need to place the coils evenly.
  • This was different from the other wireless charger.
  • It cancelled because of thermal issues.
  • We can watch AirPower in future.
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