How to download YouTube Videos for Free [Very Easy Steps]

Do you want to download YouTube videos for free on your Android/iOS or Windows/Mac? Then, stay tuned till the End.

When I was facing the same problem, I Googled and found many on it. Literally, I checked almost 10 posts and the maximum of them are very complicated and messy.

Then, I thought that my viewers will also face the same problem and prepared an outline of these posts in which I summarised all the easy steps.

And, in addition, you’ll also get the pros and cons of every way.

I am going to cover almost every aspect related to it. I’ll also keep it engaging with many images.

By the way, there are many ways to download YouTube Videos but most of them will be very difficult for you guys. So, I only listed easy and popular ways with a bonus tip.

Why download YouTube videos?

YouTube is the best place for entertainment and knowledge and sometimes we need YouTube videos in our Gallery or File Explorer for many purposes.

Sometimes, we need YouTube videos for our office presentation or school presentation.

We wish to download YouTube videos in case our data pack exhausted.

“Our purposes can be different but the steps will be the same”

Points to care before Downloading YouTube videos

There are many points to care about before downloading YouTube videos because it can harm you if you’ll ignore them.

So, please don’t ignore them. It can subject to the violation of your security or your device health.

  1. Never use unreliable apps or websites: I watched many people using unreliable apps and websites to download YouTube videos. These can show you many vulgar Ads and products. They can also steal your major data like your credit and debit card details, IMEI number, etc. So, stay away from these apps and websites.
  2. Don’t use any apps that are not on Play Store:  The concept of this point is also the same as previous but this one is different because when an app harms their consumers then: users report that app and after that they are terminated from Play Store. So, it can also harm you as well.
  3. Never re-upload videos to YouTube:   This is the main purpose why people download YouTube videos. But, the reality is that you are doing wrong because you will get copyright and after three strikes you’ll lose your channel. And, the creators do hard work on creating videos and you are misusing their hard work. Until and unless it is copyright free.
  4. Try to ignore using apps to download YouTube videos:  Personally, I never recommend you to use an app to download YouTube because it will use your RAM and if you can use any website to download videos. Most of the apps available in the market are waste and they use your unwanted data like IMEI number, etc. Plus, they also show vulgar content.

How to download YouTube videos to Windows/Mac or Android/iOS?

After you checked all previous points its’ time to dive in the main part of the post.

You need the following things to download your desired YouTube video:

  1. A computer/laptop or smartphone.
  2. A Browser.
  3. An internet connection.

Most probably you’ll have the listed things but try to use Chrome or Mozilla Firefox because it will give you better support. You can also use Safari for this if you are a Mac user.

Step 1) Open your Desired YouTube video in the browser

First of all, you need to open your video in your browser. You should take care of it whether your browser is showing the link of the video if not then fix it.

Open desired YouTube video on your browser

Step 2) Copy the link address of the video

After you opened your video then copy(Ctrl. + C) the link address of the video from the top bar of the page. As you can see in the image. If you missed any letter, it is not going to work. So, take care of it.

Copy Link Adress of your video

Step 3) Go on the Google and search Y2Mate

Go to Google and type Y2Mate in the search bar and hit enter and open the first link. If there will be any ad then avoid and only open the website.

Open Y2Mate

Step 4)  Paste the link in the search bar

After you land on the Homepage of Y2Mate, you’ll get a search bar there where you have to paste(Ctrl. + V) your link and hit enter. Take care that your link is correct. Don’t click on Ads to download the Videos.

paste the link in search bar

Step 5) Scroll down and choose your desired option

After the previous step, scroll down and you’ll get some options from where you can choose the quality of the video. Download 720P or 360P for quick download.

click your desired download option

Step 6) Click on Download MP4

After you choose the option, a pop-up will open you just have to click on Download MP4 and after that, your download will start. Sometimes the page will also be redirected to another page, so, just close the redirected page and again click on Download MP4. That’s it.


This is the simple way I chose for you guys and this will work on any device whether it is a laptop or Smartphone. This might be very helpful for you and don’t forget to like my Facebook Page to get Tech News periodically.


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