How to make $10,000 a month from Instagram[Ultimate guide]

In this article, I am going to state you about making money from Instagram. In this article, I’ll state you all the major factor you need to make money from Instagram and a little bit tips to increase followers also on Instagram.

To get a step by step guide to making money from Instagram you have to read the article carefully because each word is precious.

 What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social media platform primarily used for sharing photos and videos across the world in just one click. Instagram was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in October 2010. 

Firstly, it was only available for iOS users because it is launched exclusively on iOS.

After 6 months it was also launched on Android because the craze of Android is increasing very much.

On April 9, 2012, Facebook bought Instagram because Facebook did not want any competition against them.

 Let’s look up some surprising facts about Instagram:-

  • More than 40 billion photos have been shared in Instagram history
  • More than 4.2Billion Instagram likes per day
  • 95 million photos are uploaded daily
  • Instagram has been installed 1 billion times on the Play Store
  • There are 500 million users are active per day on Instagram.

 Is it possible to make money from Instagram?

Now you are thinking that can I make money from Instagram so the answer is, of course, you can.

Many of the people are making thousands of dollar a day from Instagram.

There are various ways to make money from Instagram and if you will do your work accurately, legally and enthusiastically you will make money from Instagram.

You must have to be consistent and do your work efficiently and one day you will be a millionaire. Yes, you can be a millionaire from Instagram because Instagram influencers are charging up to 100,000$ for a single sponsored post.

Here you have noticed a term influencer we will learn it about ahead in this article.

How much you can make from Instagram?

In short, it depends on your followers and the trust of followers above you and sometimes it also depends on upon regions and your status.

But we can predict that how much money you can make from Instagram, I am not accurate about this and perhaps you can make much more or much less.

Let’s consider, you are from India and you have 150 k followers and you receive 5K to 100K likes on your photos or videos.

Then maybe you can make 20k to 100K dollars in a month but I already state you that I am not accurate and maybe I am wrong because you can make much more or much less than it.

The above calculation is based on 4 factors of making money from Instagram that is affiliate marketing,  influencing,  sponsorship and online store. We will look it up ahead in the depth.

How many followers do you need?

At the back, I did a prediction to show you how much you can make from Instagram and there we consider that you have 150 K followers.

Now, you are thinking that you need huge numbers of followers to make money from Instagram but you are wrong you can make money even if you have just 1K followers.

Firstly you must have to remove from your mind that you need huge numbers of followers because from that mindset you will never able to earn money from Instagram and you should know this that everybody started with 0.

But in the point of view for making more money then you need more followers.

That’s why I will also state you for increasing more followers on Instagram ahead.

So be with us.

Tips to increase more followers on Instagram

As we discussed behind that for making more money we need more followers.

Making more followers is not a rocket it is quite simple than you think and anyone can do this but you need to be consistent and patient.

From the first day, you will be started getting results after applying these tips because they are awesome.

I am pretty sure that you will also get followers if you will do this accurately.

These tips are very awesome and it is also free but you have to spend some time here for getting more followers.

a)  Fill profile detail completely-

This is a major factor of SMO stands for social media Optimisation and this also impacts on the viewer’s mind who has come to view your profile to know about yourself and if the viewer gets an incomplete profile he or she will think that you are just a scam.

b)  Follow more people:-

At the starting, nobody has thousands of followers they create that milestone,  at starting nobody knows about you and when you follow some people he or she perceive about you and if they like your profile he/ she will follow you back. In the beginning, you must have to follow a hundred peoples per day.

c) Like other’s photo:-
When you get followers you have to make engagement with your followers so for making engagement you have to like others’ photos then he or she also like your photo which will also give you some help in SMO.

d)  Upload frequently:-

For getting more followers you have to upload frequently and this will also help you in SMO in making some more followers. In the beginning, you have to upload to 2 posts per day at the correct time. This is the correct time to upload photos or videos on Instagram-

Monday: 7pm and 10pm

Tuesday: 3 am and 10 pm

Wednesday: 5 pm

Thursday: 7 am and 11 pm

Friday: 1 am and 8 pm

Saturday: 12 am and 2 am

e) Use popular hashtags:-

While uploading photos or videos on Instagram you have to add popular hashtags in your caption and this will also help you for better ranking Instagram also suggest your photos so.

Ways to make money from Instagram:-

Now I am going to state you most major and profitable ways to make money from Instagram so be with us and read each word carefully because “little knowledge is a dangerous thing”.

Major ways to make money from Instagram-

a)  Influencing:-

When some small companies or some small websites or YouTube channel need to advertise his company and they have not enough money to hire big companies so they come to find out the influencers or a profile which have big numbers of followers and they pay some money to the profile owner to post on his/her profile about their company.

b) Affiliate marketing:-

When you join an affiliate programme like Amazon, eBay etc. They will give you a link of a product and when anybody buys a product from your link you’ll get 5-20% commission each.

c) Sponsor companies:-

This is also like influencing but in influencing you just post about the company on your profile but here you give some positive reviews about the company and tell to the followers that I also use that brands. By this, you can make a very good amount of money.

d) Online Store:-

If you have an online store you can post about your products on your profile and if you have a huge number of you will get orders and you will make money.

But if you have no money to open an online store so you can go for Wooplr and here they will give you free products to sell and if anybody buy you will get some commission.


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