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Here’s everything about Multiple Cameras in Smartphones


Cameras are also one of the major parts of a Smartphone and day-by-day Smartphone companies are increasing the features in cameras to attract customers and to sell their phones. But getting multiple cameras in a Smartphone doesn’t mean that it will capture a better image than a single camera phone.

Do you know that LG has patent of a smartphone which has 16 cameras? Quite surprising, isn’t it?

But, it will launch in the future that means that it will take 2 or 3 years more to launch. Another smartphone from Nokia called Nokia 9 will have 5 cameras in the back panel and most surprising thing is that it will launch in this year.

So, in this post, I’ll tell you everything about multiple cameras in phones. I am going to cover many interesting topics in this post. So let’s start!

What are Multiple cameras Smart Phones?

A smartphone which has more than 1 camera on a particular side is known as Multiple Camera Smart Phones, it can be either rear side or front side. Don’t think that your smartphone which has one camera at the backside and one on the front side will be called Multiple camera smartphones because the cameras are spotted in different places.

Nowadays there are hundreds of Smartphones having dual camera setup or triple camera setup, even there are also a bunch of phones having Quad camera setup. For front cameras, there are also options for the dual selfie camera. There are many purposes behind the multiple camera setup in Smartphones. We’ll look it in upcoming sections of the post.

DSLR’s uses multiple lenses in the camera to use many modes like Bokeh mode and the much more same thing applies in the case of smartphones where we get multiple cameras in one phone for different purposes. By the concept of having multiple cameras in phones, we are able to use a bunch of new modes like Ultra-wide mode, Telephoto zoom, bokeh mode, etc.

These types of modes help us to capture images with more accuracy and in different situations, that’s why companies are adding many other modes in smartphones.

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History of cameras in Smart Phones

I have added this point to understand developing technology and to understand the base of cameras in Smart Phones. This is not a brief one because I will keep it short and will not go in depth.

First ever camera phone

In 2000 a company called Sharp a Japanese company launched the first ever Camera phone called J-Phone J-S04 which has J-Phone J-S04 Camera supports only 256 colours. This was only available in Japan.

Dual Cameras Phones for 3D photos

In 2011, LG has launched the first ever dual camera phone which was not like present dual camera phones because dual cameras were used to create 3D photos.

The real dual camera phones

In 2017, Apple has launched a dual camera smartphone called iPhone 7 Plus which was just like nowadays, mainly used for different and after that many other companies launched the same type of phones.

The triple camera phones

In 2018, Huawei has launched its triple camera phone called Huawei P20 Pro which has three cameras at the back side for the different purposes. That made a trend of multiple camera phones.

The quad camera era

In 2018, Samsung has launched its Samsung A90 with four cameras which made us very shocked because we never had imagined this.

Penta camera smartphone is coming

In 2019, means this year Nokia is going to launch Nokia 9 which has 5 cameras in the pentagon shape which will be a very new thing for we guys.

Single-Camera Phone vs Multiple-Camera Phone

When we watched the first multiple cameras smartphones, the first question arises that which is the better single-camera phone or multiple camera smartphones and this is a genuine question to look out. There are hundreds of debates running on Quora and Yahoo Answers with these topics.

And what I observed that many people think that multiple camera smartphones are better, but this is a wrong approach because this depends upon your choice.

Having multiple cameras doesn’t mean that the camera will capture a better image. Let me clarify.

Suppose that you have a single camera phone having 16MP of rear camera and your friend has a dual camera phone having 12+5 MP of camera. So, here the majority of people think that your friend’s phone will capture a high-quality image but technically your phone will be in lead.

This is the best example I can give you to teach.

Some stupids on Quora are saying that you are comparing 2 Eyes with 1 Eye but these guys don’t know that 1 high-quality Eye is better than 2 bad Eyes.

Multiple Camera Smartphones can give you many exclusive modes such as Ultra-Wide mode and if you wanted to access these types of modes then, you should never buy a Single-Camera Phone if you can afford Multiple-Camera Phone.

Smartphone with most camera

There are hundreds of phone models having a dual camera set up but here we are talking about the most camera in one smartphone then the answer is LG upcoming smartphone which will have around 16 cameras at the back panel.

Presently, Samsung A90 has most camera i.e. 4 cameras.

There are also many other phones having 4 cameras to check out.

Nokia 9 will broke this record in this year and will have 5 cameras and called Penta-camera phone, this is very critical for engineers to give a good looking phone with 5 cameras. This will also use very processor energy and battery and will be very difficult to give a slim shape.


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