NFC [Near Field Communication]: Everything you should know about it

Last Updated on 11th of February 2019

While buying or unboxing a portable device like smartphones, you may observe a term NFC. This is one of the most common terms in the technology world and you should know about this.

Nowadays, almost every worthwhile smartphone supports NFC and the people are using it very much because it is so simple to use.

If you are a newbie smartphone user you may face difficulty about such types of terms because it will out of the world for you.

So, in this article, I’ll tell you about NFC in details and I’ll cover every aspect of it as usual and try to represent in an easy way.

You can find the term NFC on your back side of the phone, below the battery or anywhere.

So, let’s explore.

What is NFC?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication and through it, you can transfer data from one device to another, do money transactions, etc. Let me introduce you it in easy language.

Let’s consider, you have two devices with NFC supports and when you come closer them they will connect with each other and can transfer data and do many different types of works.

Like as WiFi and Bluetooth it is also similar but you should come close to each other, I mean you have to unite them or come close with the gap of 4 inches.

When you’ll unite two NFC compatible devices they will vibrate and will be connected and via NFC you can share your data but the data will not very heavy.

NFC is far better than other wireless services because of the connection range and this feature makes almost no chance of hacking but the major problem of NFC is that you cannot transfer big files and this will very faster.

NFC can compete with other wireless services like Wi-Fi direct or Bluetooth and can be better to use.

I think you have got the definition of NFC easily, if yes, let’s go deep.

How does NFC work?

After perceiving its’ definition, now it is the time to know, “How NFC works?”

As I told earlier that NFC is similar to the Wi-Fi directs and Bluetooth. So, absolutely it works on the principle of electronic waves or you can say radio waves.

But, the range of its waves is less and the process of connecting is automatic you don’t need to connect it or fill the password it works automatically.

When you’ll connect two devices via NFC you can transfer files like photos, websites, songs, app launch, etc. very quickly as compared to another wireless service and can best alternative to the QR codes because it does not need any scanning apps.

But, while connecting two devices for purposes like launching apps, both devices must have an internet connection.

You can also connect your smartphones with your NFC enabled speakers easily as usual steps you have to unite both devices.

How to check whether your smartphone has NFC?

You can use NFC but the biggest thing is that your both device must have the NFC feature to connect because it is the essential requirements.

If you want to know that is your smartphone has NFC then you can use 3 tricks.

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Trick 1) Use Google to check

Google is the world’s largest search engines and every query’s solution is available on Google.

Simply you have to search on Google [Is “smartphone’s name” has NFC?].

You’ll get your result on the top of the page but sometimes you need to open a website.

If you’ll not get the answer you can try trick number 2.

Trick 2) Use Quora

Quora is one the best website I have ever seen because you can ask your queries to the experts easily through this platform.

Now, go the and sign up to the website.

Click on the Add Question and type[Is “smartphone’s name” supports NFC?]

After adding the question you’ll be redirected to another page where you invite experts to answer your question.

You can also invite people to answer for the instant answer to your question.

It’ll take up to 24 hours to get the answers and if you will not get the answer you can edit your question again.

Trick 3) Get on the settings

This will be the best trick to check but not only.

If you’ll not get your answer from the two tricks, you can check to do this one and there is a chance of 99.999% that you’ll get the answer.

Step 1) Go to the settings.

Step 2) Go in the wireless section.

Step 3) You’ll get your answer here but if you’ll not get you can go in the more section.

Modes of NFC

There are different modes of different things like as communication and the rule is also followed by NFC that’s why it is divided into 3 different modes according to its uses and characteristics.

Basically, it is divided into 3 parts:-

1) NFC card emulation:-

It is used for transactions of money through online wallets like Google Pay, the same framework behind the Debit and Credit cards which is used by us in our daily life.

I don’t think I need to explain that how can you use it as card emulation because it is simple you just need to come closer your smartphone to its money receiver and the next process will be automatic if you are connected your debit cards to the services like Google Pay.

It is quite simple to use and we can use it as an emergency wallet in case you lost your Debit or Credit card, you should never miss your smartphone because it can play roles many objects.

That is right that world is proceeding digital and we can do any work online so.

One thing more about it is that the chances of mistakes of transacting money are very less if we are using NFC card emulation, so I am recommending you to use it.

It is encrypted and very easy to use, you don’t need to carry money in your wallet and cards for transacting money.

Great Stuff! isn’t it?

Tell me your thoughts about it in the comments section and I’ll reply you within 24 hours.

NFC reader/writer

This is also one of the most popular modes of it and this decreases the efforts of humans. Let me explain you.

NFC is not only for transacting money or sharing data, but it can also use to do a specific task automatically when we unite NFC tags with your device and the program will function automatically.

Let’s consider, you have the habit of sending good night messages to your all friends via social networking sites but it takes very much time but if you’ll use your smartphone to read NFC tags then the process will be done automatically.

If you have programmed an NFC tag which contains programme to share Good Night messages to all your friends, then you just need to come closer NFC tags to your smartphone and your message will be sent to all your desired friends.

If you are not understanding about NFC tags, then you can check out the next section for more information.

That’s it.

3) NFC peer-to-peer

This also the most popular use of it, this is simple.

NFC peer-to-peer is used to share data like photos, apps, credit cards details, etc. via your devices, you just need to open the file and to unite your smartphone to another smartphone or device.

Then they will vibrate and the process will start.

You can use to share your precious details for more security with your other device or your friend’s device.

That’s it.

What are The NFC tags?

As I already mention it back that it is used to do a specific task just by uniting the tags and your device.

NFC tags come with a chip-like structure which contains a programme to perform and when you unite the tag with your device the command will be sent to the device and the device start functioning.

And one thing more than you need a third application to write it because android doesn’t have an inbuilt feature to perform as per tags’ scripts.

You can find out the apps on Google easily.

To write a specific programme and to run via tags you need to buy it but nothing to worry about because it is super cheap, you can buy it from Amazon.

Great Stuff!

Isn’t it?

You can use these tags for different types of works and you can watch videos to learn different ways.


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