How to post on Instagram from Computer using chrome

Last Updated on 11th of February 2019

While using a computer whether it is windows 10, 8, 7, etc. There will be a challenge to post on Instagram because every social media sites allow you to post from your computer but Instagram doesn’t. So in this tutorial, I’ll assert you; how to post on Instagram using and chrome.

Requirements for the process:-

  • Instagram account
  • Internet connection
  •  Chrome browser
  • Images or files to post

How to post on Instagram using Google Chrome

Majority of people use Google Chrome browser on their Computers to serving on the Internet. So, let’s post on Instagram using Google Chrome browser.

Step 1>> Open Chrome Browser

open google chrpome

Step 2>> Click on login as shown in the image

log in instagram

Step3>> Fill log in details and click on log in

>> Now you are on your Instagram account

Step 4>> Click on 3 dot icon at right corner

click on 3 dot icon

Step 5>> Click on more tools > developer tool

click on developer tool

Step 6>> Click on toogle device toolbar(mobile&tablet icon)

click on toogle device toolbar

Step 7>> Refresh the page by clicking on refresh icon at left corner or fn+f5(f5)

efresh page

Step 8>> Click on add icon at the bottom

Step 9>> Choose file from windows explorer to post

Step 10>> Write caption and share

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