One reader from our family has told me to add a privacy policy page to our website and I liked the idea very much. So I decided to cancel today’s post and to write a privacy policy page to our website for the prosperity of ours.

What data do we collect from you?

This is your right to know what data do we collect from you guys. Nothing much we just collect your E-mail and Name if you go for comment and if you subscribe our E-mail list then you just have to give your E-mail address and after that, we give exclusive notification for our latest posts.

The main thing is that we never sell your information to other people, even, we don’t allow other people to see your data.

Maybe Google collects data of yours if you click on our site to show better search result to you.

Why do we collect data?

The main motive to collect your data to identify you and to send e-mail from us. If you add your e-mail to our Newsletter means you have accepted our Policy and we can send E-mail to your address. So, that you come back on my site.

Do we use Cookie?

We use litte bit Cookie to track you. If you click a link on this site then a cookie may create.

We use cookies for better analytics. So, we can take the right decisions and goals.





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