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Refurbished gadgets: Everything you should know about it

Today in this article, I’ll tell you about refurbished gadgets in depth. But, before I wanted to tell you a story which is interesting to know.

When I was searching on different websites to buy a MacBook Pro, it costs around $1,750(Rs. 1,21,948).

And, when I was researching more, I noticed the same MacBook Pro at the cost of only $1,100 but it was labeled with the term “Refurbished.”

I know a little bit about Refurbished gadgets that it is worth to buy and use, etc.

But, before investing a significant amount on a refurbished gadget, my mind was saying to me to do more research and in depth.

So, I did brief research which took over a week, but I found all the details which are necessary before buying any refurbished product.

I am very thankful for my mind because it suggests me to do research and get a worthy Macbook.

So, for you, I am writing this blog post for all my friends who are thinking to buy a refurbished gadget.

You should care about some points before buying.

If you don’t know these things, then you may face fraud sites or products.

I have covered all the things you should know about refurbished gadgets in detail.

You should know these things if you wanted to buy any refurbished gadget.

What is a refurbished gadget?

Let’s consider that you bought an iPhone from Amazon and at the time of delivery its’ charger damaged then, you’ll call on the Amazon Customer Support, and you’ll express out your problem then, they’ll give you two options, i.e., 1) Replacement or 2) Refunding.

You’ll choose replacement then; your gadget will be replaced from a new same device.

But have you ever think about the replaced gadget. Maybe, No.

The product that was replaced will go to the Amazon repair office, and there they will refresh your replaced gadget into a new device.

Means that your replaced product’s charger will be repaired and after a full check up they will repackage the box.

In the whole process, the process of repairing your gadget and re-checking the gadget’s performance is called refurbishment. And, the product which went through a renovation is called a refurbished product.

The iPhone was OK, but the charger has some minor problem, but here, the big thing to notice that there is no fault of yours and the site.

You can also use the gadget for a long time if you can repair the charger with you.

This doesn’t mean that every refurbished product is reliable; there are also some things which are required to check before buying any refurbished gadget.

One thing more to say that nowadays, Apple is officially selling refurbished iPhone X starting from $800, and Apple is scrutinizing every smartphone. So, you can buy the iPhones if you wish.

I’ll tell you a guide for buying a reliable a refurbished gadget ahead.

I hope you got the definition quickly and if not then read it carefully. If yes, you can move ahead.

Refurbished vs. Used

The biggest problem ordinary people face and think that refurbished products are used products.

This creates a dilemma, and people hesitate to buy refurbished products.

You should know that both are different terms and not related to each other.

Used products are also called “secondhand products,” and a person already uses these, and the person has sold the product.

Used products cannot be for more extended use, and it can damage easily.

These products are already used and the chances of fraud may increase.

Maybe it’s accessories will not original and long-lasting.

Refurbished products are much better then Used products because it provides you with many features.

Reasons why Refurbished products are better than Used gadgets:-

a) Technology support:- Many brands and e-commerce sites which are reputed provides tech support on some gadgets which are very good and can help you to make your gadget long-lasting and reliable. Most probably, the majority of the used products never provide technology support.

b) Warranty:- This is what most of the used products never give and if you buy any refurbished product from reputed sites or shops the chances are that they will give you warranty card and the feature which help us to use our smartphone more freely.

c) The performance like new:- As I told earlier a story about the iPhone and there I told that the iPhone’s charger was only effected and the entire device was good. So, the biggest thing to know about the refurbished products is verified by the experts which witness about the phone that it is reliable and you can use. So, if the product was not used then the product will perform like a new product.

d) Certified product:- As I told earlier that the products are verified by the experts and they give a certificate that it is reliable and can use. So, this makes the refurbished products much better than the used products.

Refurbished vs New

The next question which will emerge in your mind, “Can Refurbished products compete with new products?”

The answer depends upon many factors but in some cases, it can compete and in some not.

The thing which matters very much and very good about this is that the price of any refurbished product is remarkable as compared to a brand new product.

If you cannot afford a brand new iPhone then you can go with the refurbished iPhone because all features are the same and the performance is also the same.

The chances are that you can get up to 50% discount on a particular product even more.

Price matters very much and if you wanted something expensive it is the best alternative.

By buying refurbished products you can help the environment, people and e-commerce sites. I’ll tell you briefly ahead.

Pros and Cons of Refurbished gadgets

There are Pros and Cons as well, you should know about the Refurbished gadgets.

Pros of refurbished gadgets

a) Like new product:- As I told earlier that it is verified by the experts and can easily use like a new product.

b) Tech Support:- This is already told behind that many sites give you tech support in the case your product damaged.

c) Less price:- The prices of the refurbished products are much less than the real price, it can be less up to 50% and makes a great attraction which pulls us to buy the refurbished products.

d) Eco-friendly:- Buying a refurbished product can help the environment because indirectly we are using a product which can be garbage and harm the environment. So, buying a refurbished can help you and nature as well.

e) Helping people and e-commerce sites:- Now you are thinking, “How can this help the environment?” Yes, this will help both of you, let me explain. When someone replaces the product, the replaced products can give the loss very much to the e-commerce sites. If the company get loss they will not give us such type of features.

Cons of refurbished gadgets

Everything has pros and cons as well.

a) Unknown lifespan:- When you buy a new product then you have some idea about the lifespan of the gadget but refurbished products are not brand new so the doubt of its’ lifespan emerges and the chances are that your seller will also not give you right thoughts about the product.

b) Accessories can be duplicate:- While replacing the product some people replace the accessories and which may lead to the less lifespan of your product. I have an idea about this because once I have also done accidentally.

Should we buy refurbished products

This is also one of the biggest questions which are moving across the internet.

Everyone is asking on Quora and different forums the same question again and again.

The answer is simple and clear.

If you are satisfied after knowing the pros and cons of refurbished products then you can absolutely buy the refurbished products without hesitation.

But, there are also some things to heed or you can also say a checklist to follow.

I am telling you some primary of them which are must and if you are not satisfied with any one of them then you shouldn’t buy a refurbished product.

  1. You have not enough money to buy a brand new phone:- This is also very important to heed that you should only buy the refurbished products if you have not enough money to afford the brand new smartphone. If you have money to buy the brand new phone then I’ll recommend you to buy the brand new phone. If not you can move ahead.
  2. You must buy from a reputed site or shop:- This also matters very much because there are also some spammy sites and shops who are selling secondhand products with the label of the refurbished product. So, buy from reputed sites like Amazon and Flipkart because they are a trusted one.
  3. Must research briefly:- Research is very important because there are also some sites which are charging very much and if you buy from there you miss a profitable deal. Researching doesn’t only consist checking price there are also some important things to notice like reviews, ratings, etc. I’ll tell you in depth ahead about researching the product.

How to buy a worthy refurbished gadget?

Now, this is one of the main section of the article where I’ll tell you how to buy a worthy refurbished gadget which will help you to get a long-lasting and a like new gadget.

Some tips I ‘ll tell you which will very helpful and can be a life-changing section. Don’t skip the section because “little knowledge is a dangerous thing”.

Buying a refurbished gadget is an art you must have to analyze each thing carefully and smartly.

If you try to avoid or skip any steps which I am going to tell may give you a bad product.

I got a wonderful MacBook Pro which is refurbished however it is performing like new.

I use to follow the following steps:-

Step 1) Find a reputed e-commerce site or shop

This is a very important point to heed because many people have bought gadgets from sites like eBay and think that this will work and I can use my gadget like new.

These types of e-commerce sites use to play a very offensive strategy and they give the label of the refurbished product without a proper check-up.

You are considering that the product will be refurbished and will perform as new but un-reputed sites or shops can circumvent with you.

This is not big stuff which will take much time, easily there are 2 best options of e-commerce sites from where you can buy a worthy gadget i.e. 1) Flipkart and 2) Amazon.

In my case, I bought my MacBook from Amazon and this was expectable.

Choosing a reputed brand is not enough you have to do something more which I’ll tell in the next step.

Step 2) Read reviews about the site or shop

Now, this is also an important thing to do and can impact on your service and gadget.

If you are buying from the Flipkart and Amazon, then you can skip the section. Because I have already read about their reviews and nothing to worry about.

But, if you are not buying from here then you have to read the reviews about the site.

Simply, type on Google[“site name” + “refurbished review”].

Then, open some top-ranked website and read the review in detail. If you get everything right about the site means almost 90% of people are saying good about the site. Now, you can move ahead.

If you did not get your expectable results then you can do one thing more which is also good.

Go on and click on add question and type in the question[Can I buy refurbished “product name” from “sites’ name”].

The, click on add question and now choose the people from whom you wanted to ask.

Now, wait for 1 day, you will get the suggestions of many experts who have experience in that field.

Now, everything is OK then you can proceed.

Step 3) Analyze the gadget’s review and ratings

This is also must have to notice because sometimes, the product you are looking for is sold by the people, not by the site.

So, it is not necessary that if the site is good every product will also good.

This step is not rocket science, just read the ratings if it is more than 3.8 then you can go with it.

And, additionally, you can read reviews also on Google.

If you found everything OK then move ahead.

Step 4) Be sure that you are getting a warranty card and a return policy

Now, this is also important to use your product freely.

In case you get some defects in accessories or in the device you can easily replace it or refund it.

And, if the device will no longer and fail in the first 6 months, you can easily repair it.

So, this will be your last step.

Nothing, to do more now you can easily buy your device and use it without hesitation.

I am sure that if you’ll follow these steps accurately, you will get a gadget which will perform like a new.


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