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Samsung Galaxy M20: Price, specifications, review and more

LAST UPDATED ON 2nd of April, 2019

Samsung has launched its brand new smartphone with some features at expectable price i.e. Samsung Galaxy M20. 

They have introduced this phone in January 2019 to the world and expected to get some milestones.

Samsung has the plan to sell vast units throughout the world, chances are that they can do this because its’ price is not so and it comes with a larger and powerful 5000 mAh battery with quick charge support.

Samsung wants to attack in the midrange market and to beat the companies who are making the competition such as Asus and Realme.

Xiaomi is also playing very good in the mid-range market competition, xiaomi redmi note 7 steals my heart and I liked it very much but the problem is that the phone’s quality is a little bit poor.

Samsung Galaxy M20 is going to have a new processor of Samsung i.e. Samsung Exynos 7904 which can compete Qualcomm Snapdragon 635 processor, even can beat also in some cases.

Processor support is quite awesome and will perform well.

Without wasting time, let’s jump to the specification section.

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Colors                                                             Charcoal Black, Ocean Blue

Faceunlock                                                    Yes

Fingerprint Sensor                                     Yes

Proximity Sensor                                         Yes

Accelerometer                                              Yes

SIMs                                                               2

Connectivity                                                 Up to 4G(Nano-Sim){both}

Micro USB                                                     NO

USB type-C                                                    Yes


Battery                                                           5000 mAh


Screen Size                                                           6.30 inch

Touchscreen                                                           Yes

Resolution                                                           1080*2340 pixels

Aspect Ratio                                                           19.5:9


Processor                                                           Samsung Exynos 7904

Processor make                                               1.6 GHz Octa Core    

RAM                                                                   3 GB & 4 GB

ROM                                                                   32 GB & 64 GB

Expandable Storage                                        Yes[512 GB microSD]

Camera and Software

Operating System                                   Android 8.1 Oreo

Skin                                                           Samsung Experience 9.5 UX

Rear Camera                                                           13+5 MP dual camera(f/1.9 aperture)

Front Camera                                                           8 MP

Price and Launch Date of Samsung Galaxy M20

As you read above that the phone has some pretty interesting specifications but without having the idea about its price you can’t examine this smartphone. So, let’s explore its price.

The price starts from Rs. 10,990 for 3 Gb RAM and 32 GB ROM variant and Rs. 12,990 for 4GB RAM & 64GB ROM variant, which is quite amazing and this gonna rock.

But, we have to compromise at any component for a better price and this is the rule.

The launch date of Samsung Galaxy M20 is the 5th of February 2019. This can feature at online stores like Flipkart and Amazon, chances are that these will also available at offline stores of Samsung and some reputed stores.

You should read ‘Should we buy it?’ at the last for an idea, ‘How good it is?’

Review of Samsung Galaxy M20

Samsung Galaxy M20 looks nice but now it is time to examine this smartphone on the front of 15 experts and they will give their right opinion. I’ll tell their thoughts in this article in simple words, so everybody can understand it easily.

We’ll talk about its review in different portions of this section:-

1) Display


Samsung Galaxy M20 is one of the best phones in this price range as a display king because almost every expert in our team liked its display very much because it looks premium and no any scratches registered in the display after some drops but experts are saying that it will be possible.

The display is of 6.30 inch which comes with 1080*2340 pixels which will give you bright representations of the movements and this display supports FHD+ and you can easily play videos of YouTube and NetFlix on this phone and our team observed that you can play YouTube videos for 3 Hours continuously but after 3 hours it starts lagging and heating.

Its display is good and the top you can get a beautiful V-structured notch and Samsung says this display ‘Infinity V display’ which looks awesome and attract very much, while face unlocks it performs a beautiful animation.

The display looks nice because of small and attractive bezels around it but the problem is that you’ll not get the power of Gorilla Glass here you’ll get dragon glass which is not very strong and can come in the piece after a very impactful drop as I already told.

This phone has one more problem that you have to wipe up the phone’s screen after every use because it shows fingerprint spots on it which looks bad from the phone-to-eye angle.

In short, the display is amazing and there is not any phone offers such types of the premium display at this price range.

2) Performance

Samsung Galaxy M20 comes with 4GB and 3 GB DDR4 RAM, so it is obvious that this will pretty quick and familiar to use. DDR4 RAM is available so you can kills recent apps very quickly and the response time of the phone will be very less as compared to DDR3 RAM.

It is featured by Samsung’s newly launched premium processor i.e. Samsung Exynos 7904 which have the architecture of 14 nanometers and the octa-core processor make but this is not very powerful as Snapdragon 660 processor but they’ll progress their mistakes in upcoming phones. You can play good RAM consumers games easily without lag.

Android Oreo 8.1 is in this phone which is a little bit outdated because at least this phone must have Android Pie but you’ll get the update soonly because Samsung promised and they never turn from their promise. Technically they must have to give this update to compete with other smartphones.

You can run apps easily and play games easily, this will give you a long life and durability to your phone but this is not as powerful as Snapdragon 660.

Design and camera

Samsung Galaxy M20 comes with beautiful design and the glossy shaded finish at the back which looks pretty attractive and you can get a dual camera at the back with LED flash and a dislocated fingerprint sensor, I am telling it dislocated because the positioning is not accurate and looks odd.

You will get the all positioning of common elements as usual so I am not going to tell about this but the main thing to notice that you’ll get a USB type-c at the bottom face of the phone which is unusual at this price range.

You will get a dual rear camera at the back which comes with 13+5 MP camera and a LED flash, this supports portrait mode because of the availability of f/1.9 aperture. So, you can capture a focused image for your social profiles.

The front camera is of 8 MP and in-display flash in it for a good selfie picture but it should better but you have to compromise on any element for a low price and in this phone, we have to compromise with the front camera.


Now the most important factor for buying a smartphone is price and we will examine Samsung Galaxy M20 price, the price for 3 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM variant is Rs. 10,990 which is very good and our team think that this phone is the best option for this price range if you are not a selfie lover because this phone not captures good selfie pictures.

If you wanted the phone with the same features and good selfie camera as well then, you can go with Realme U1 but this phone doesn’t offer performance as Samsung Galaxy M20.

Price for 4GB RAM and 64 GB RAM variant its price is Rs. 12,990 which is pretty cool because this phone has all features which are enough for our daily life along with Samsung’s newly launched Exynos 7904 processor which is almost like as Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 660.

You can get Snapdragon 660 processor in Realme 2 Pro, etc. but they cost more and the experience with Exynos processor will be different and we’ll fell cool to use, some YouTubers are saying that they are able to play PUBG mobile in this phone which indicates the potential of this phone.

In short, the price is amazing but the only problem is with its’ front camera and all the features of the phone is unique and the best smartphone under 13,000.

Battery and Security

Samsung Galaxy M20 comes with the 5000 mAh battery which supports the quick charge.

The battery is too good and the best-known feature of this phone and Samsung tells that this will give you a long battery back up and this phone comes with USB Type-C charger which means 3X more fast charging as compared as other phone’s charger. It supports the quick charge and takes almost 2 hours to charge from scratch to 100% which is very surprising for such type of powerful battery. You can play 28 Hours videos from this phone if your phone is a full charge.

The phone has a heavy battery but the Samsung try to make it lighter but you’ll feel its weight but the biggest thing to notice is that this doesn’t affect the phone’s design and its’ beauty.

Security of the phone is usually like other smartphones and this phone supports Fingerprint lock and Face unlock as well and this phone supports quick unlock but the response time of face unlock isn’t too fast and sometimes it makes an error but the fingerprint sensor is perfect.

In short, this phone has the best battery at this price range and common security as other phones.

Should you buy this Smartphone?

We have read this giant article but many of you are excited about our opinion regarding this phone.

We investigated all about the phone and we found some conditions to buy or not.

You should buy this phone if you wanted:-

  • A perfect all-rounder phone under Rs. 13,000
  • Beautiful and stunning smartphone with mediocre features under 15,000
  • A smartphone with beautiful notch
  • Smartphone with best battery life under 18,000
  • Samsung’s smartphone under Rs. 18,000

You shouldn’t buy this phone if you wanted:-

  • A smartphone with best selfie camera under 14,000
  • The best face unlock smartphone under 13,000
  • Lightweight and slim smartphone

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