SEO(Search Engine Optimization) full details.

I am sure that on the Internet or anywhere you have heard about SEO(search engine optimization) and then you are thinking, “what is this Sorrow?

This article is about SEO and in this article, you will get full details about SEO basics. It is not possible to cover full details about SEO because it is too huge topic.

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  • Structure of the article

            1) Introduction

               2) Why SEO is important

               3) Types of SEO

               4) On-page SEO

                  5) Off-page SEO


    • Introduction

      SEO  stands for Search Engine Optimization. Basically, it is used to get the higher rank on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

      SEO is an Internet term which is used to get the higher rank on Search Engines,  SEO helps to explicate about your website or blog to the Search Engines.

      • Why SEO is important

        When you understand what is SEO then you have a question that, “why is SEO important?” and “can we skip it?” and such a lot of questions will be moving in your mind right now.

        The answer yes SEO is very essential for getting traffic on your blog or website and you can’t skip this.
        Let me show you why?

        2 million blog posts are published daily and most of them are spammy, copied and useless content then Search Engine have a query to solve out the genuine and beneficial content so, “how this is possible?” this is possible through SEO.

        If you have good content still you can’t get traffic because of SEO.

        According to a survey, the top 5 search results on the SERPs get 75% of user clicks which makes SEO more important to learn.

        If you are thinking that SEO is very difficult to learn then you are wrong, it is simple but not so simple and SEO is not fully upon you it also depends on others for link building, we will look it ahead.

        • Types of SEO 

          Let’s move on types of SEO.

          SEO is divided into two parts:-

          1)  On-page SEO:-

          An optimization which occurs on the page and it is fully depend upon yourself is called On-page SEO.  Like as meta description, writing implement of keywords,  use of H1, H2, H3, etc. tags, highlighting the keywords, manage the loading speed of the browser, etc.
          2)  Off-page SEO:-

          An optimization which occurs out of the page and mostly it depends upon others is called Off-page SEO.  Like as link building,  sharing on social media,  writing a submission,  writing a guest post,  etc.

          We will discuss the main factors of Off-page and On-page SEO  ahead.

      •   On-page SEO        

        Let’s move on on On-Page SEO.

        An Optimization which occurs on the page is called On-Page SEO and it depends upon you, the full control of On-Page SEO is in your hand, this is quite simple as compared as Off-Page SEO, but it is also important.

        There are various factors of On-Page SEO.  But here I am not going to discuss everything I just discuss the most important factors, and left factors are discussed in the next upcoming articles. So, subscribe my blog to get notifications.

        Important factors of on page SEO
        a)  Implementing keywords

        Implementing keywords is very useful and reliable factor and this makes your page easy to understand for the Search Engines.

        Steps to implementing keywords for getting better results:-

        Step 1)  Find the most relevant keywords. For searching keywords, there are various platforms but the most trustable platforms and that  I also use are  and Adword research planner tool.

        Step 2) Implement the most relevant and profitable keywords in the first 100 words on the page.

        Step 3)  Implement the rest of the keywords on the page and bold them.

        b)  Writing the meta description

        The meta description is one of the most important factors of On-Page SEO.     Here, the meta description appears which helps visitors to know about your article or website.

        In the meta description you have to implement keywords and in such a way that creates suspense in the viewers.

        c)  Use image with an alt tag

        If you don’t use images in your article so you are going on the wrong path because inserting image increases your ranking very much and Google recommends to insert the image with an alt tag.       

        •  Off-Page SEO

          An optimization which occurs out of the page is called Off-Page SEO.

          This one is very important to let’s understand how much it is important with a fact.

          •  75% of SEO is Off-Page and 25% is On-Page

          But why?

          The reason is that anyone can optimize their content with the help of On-Page SEO whether it is copyrighted,  sexual, or useless content.

          •   Important factors of off page SEO

          a)  Social Media

          You can also optimize your content with the help of social media.

          You have to follow the following steps:-

          step 1) Go and create a fan or a business page on any Social Media platform.

          step 2) Create a post with an emotional content and implement some content from the article and give the article link and write read more.

          b)  Commenting on another similar article

          When you comment on another similar article and put up a link of your article or website, Search Engine gets signal from that particular place that the website contains some specialty.  That’s why Search Engine and ranks you higher.

          c) Writing guest post:-
          When you write a guest post for a high PR website. Then from there, you get a back link which signals to the Search Engines that your website content some specialty.


        In this article, we have learned full detail about SEO basic. So let’s look a quick view of the article.
        SEO(Search Engine Optimization):-  An Internet which is used to explain your content to the search engines which helps you to get higher ranks.

        •     Black-hat SEO:- One who force Search Engine to rank them.

        •     White-hat SEO:- One who doesn’t force Search Engine to rank them and work genuinely.

                                  Types of SEO:-

        1) On-Page SEO:-

        •  Optimization occurs on the page.
        •  Fully depend upon yourself.
        •  Quite simple as compared as Off-Page SEO.
        •  80% matters in SEO efforts.

        2) Off-Page SEO:-

        •  Optimization occurs out of the page.
        •  Mostly, depend upon others.
        • Quite difficult as compared as On-Page SEO.
        • 20% matters in SEO efforts.







  • Some people use SEO normally and not force Search Engines to rank them and some force Search Engines to rank them.When you leave on search engines to rank your website or blog then you are called White-Hat SEO optimizer and when you force to rank your website or blog higher then you are called Black-Hat SEO optimizer.That’s why Search Engines like Google have to change their algorithm periodically. If you are thinking to hire a SEO company so I will recommend you to don’t hire them there are two reasons why you should not hire them:-1)  Most of the SEO companies are spammy and left use Black hat SEO and if you use them so, maybe your Adsense account will be closed shortly.2)    SEO is quite simple to learn and you don’t need to spend a single dollar  because  you can learn it from Google or YouTube.
  • Don’t worry about me I am also a White-Hat SEO optimizer.
  •   If you are a blogger, YouTuber, etc so you must learn SEO because, without SEO you can’t get traffic and without traffic you can’t earn money.


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