Windows PC VS Mac

Windows PC vs Mac: A full detailed OS battle

There are two biggest Operating Systems are there in the computer world that is Windows PC and Mac. Both have different pros and cons. Sometimes we confuse about what to buy: PC or Mac. Then don’t be worried, today I am going to tell you a detailed comparison between Windows PC and Mac. The headline is Windows PC vs Mac.

Everybody makes more confusion about these types of things but I’ll tell you all the matter in a detailed way and the options according to your use and choice.

So, let’s start the battle of the Century. LOL!


Majority of people buy computers by its look and design. So, I kept this point in the comparison.

If we talk about design apple gives beautiful design and look even the composition of the motherboard looks out of the world even they pay attention to composing screws of its hardware. But, the problem is that they don’t give you many color options and finishes at the back panel.

They give a beautiful structure of computer but not many color variants, which matters very much to many customers. But, there is an alternative you can buy the cover or skin of your Mac computer.

On the other hand, windows only make OS and the hardware are designed by many other brands like HP, Lenovo, Dell, etc. So, they give you many different computers structures, designs, and color variants.

In this point, Windows PC leads but Mac also offer good design.

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Software and Build Quality

Mac built exclusively there hardware and software which help them to compute easily needs of hardware and software commands which can run the computer smoothly and fastly. The tune in of the Mac is very good. They built both their software as well as their hardware, so it makes easier to understand the need. We can run Mac for hours without any single lag. You can keep your computer open for hours and can run easily.

If we talk about Windows PC, software quality is also good but the hardware is made other brand or company. So, we can’t tell anything about its build quality. But, if you buy the computers of reputed brands like HP. Then, you’ll get a good build quality.

I have faced many software crashes and lags in my windows pc but I don’t have faced this type of issues with Mac. You can run it smoothly and fastly for hours.

But, you may have to pay hundreds of dollars on the repairing of the hardware of Mac. They charge a lot of money for repairs.

Bottom line is that Mac is in the lead if we talk about the Software and Build quality.


Security matters very much in this cyber world. So,  you have to select the best option to maintain your security and privacy. You can be hacked easily if a single malware will enter in your computer. So, it is your duty to be safe and doesn’t download pirated software which may consist of malware.

But. Operating System also responsible for your security.

There are almost 90% of computers are running on Windows and almost 8% are running on Mac. So, hackers produce viruses and malware mainly for Windows users which decreases the risk of hacking of Mac computers.

Windows PC is very risky as a security core, so it is necessary to have an antivirus with you. But, Mac doesn’t need any antivirus to have because the attackers don’t attack maximum on windows. But, you may face attack on Mac as well.

As the point of view of security, Macs are far better than Windows Pc.


I was on rest after many months for 3 weeks and just enjoying by playing games on my Windows Pc by using emulators and Xbox. So, gaming is one of the best ways to refresh and if you talk which will be the best for gaming.

Macs are made for simple works, not for gaming, both software and hardware are not enough to play games. Even the company doesn’t want to make computers for gaming because their targeted customers are students, businessman, etc. not for gamers. But, you can play games on your iPhone.

On the other hand, the windows are also good at gaming. Their software supports are enough to play games but it required a well-specified computer having at least 8 GB of RAM. Windows 10 has excellent support for gaming. That’s why 99% of gamers use Windows and less than 1% of gamers use Mac.

People who are using Mac for gaming are foolish. Literally, they are a noob in computer knowledge. Sorry, it is the side effect of playing PUBG so I used noob: I mean beginner. I don’t think they can even play Minecraft games easily.

Therefore, Windows have lead in the gaming point.


People think that Mac costs very much and we can get the same feature in Windows PC. But, they are wrong on some point because Mac gives a very beautiful computer with the high build quality and very stable software support. They spend very much so, they charge a lot but in India, they sell their products at double which is not good.

Mac costs a lot but deserves its price. If you try Mac once you’ll not use Windows after because of its assistance. They are good but not for people who have less budget. They destroy the budget but if you can afford Mac then, absolutely it will be better for you. Mac uses premium hardware and pays a lot to the software developers that’s why they charge so much amount.

Windows can be cheaper and expensive but the brands like HP and Dell gives a very well computer at a low price. Windows PC also can be more expensive than Mac. Alienware and Predators are more expensive than Mac.

In short, Windows have lead in the pricing point of view.


Now, its time to tell the right option which fits your choice and needs.

You should buy Mac if you are:

  1. A businessman or Jobman.
  2. Very serious about your security and privacy.
  3. Love premium things.
  4. Hate crashes and lags.
  5. Wanted comfort of another level.
  6. Software lover.

You should buy Windows PC if you are:

  1. A gamer.
  2. Love designs for a computer.
  3. Less budget man or woman.
  4. A student.
  5. A worker in a company.
  6. Hungry to taste much software.


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